Electronic lock - Hotek [2900 MINI]

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Manufacturer: HOTEK
Product Code:
Availability: Unforeseen

This Proximity locked, locks for hotels. Works great for both outdoor and indoor use. They ensure a stable and reliable work of the hotel staff and guests of the rest. 2900 mini electronic locks leave you complete freedom of choice. Select (a designer handles) that you want to install on your hotel room door entrance, as well as bathrooms and titose hotel rooms.


Types of Cards Mifare
model HOTEK
finishes Black
Warranty 3 years

RFID Mifare ® (13.56 MHz).

Easy installation, no wires,

Power Supply 3 AAA batteries

Locks memory remains the last 1000 entries batteries settle.

Made of stainless steel.

Colors: silver or gold.

Fire certificates

Notify the lock when the battery is running low

Notify the lock when the door is not properly closed

Power operates 30 000 opening or up to 3 years

Low battery alarm and green and red LED lighting

Quick installation on existing and new doors

Privacy function from the inside