Passedge turnstile - [BAR EK wall]

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Manufacturer: Cominfo
Product Code: BAR EK wall
Availability: Sufficient

BAR EK-Wall is a special tripod turnstile with stainless covering that is prepared to be mounted on the wall. The BAR EK-Wall turnstile has a bi-directional entrance suitable to any entrance systems. Modern control electronics provides easy setting of operating mode and communication with different types of the signaling devices. This turnstile is possible to fill in only with motor-driven unit and it can be steely with spray application or stainless steel.

Capacity 15–30 people per minute
two-way passage
Environment maximum relative humidity - 80%
working temperature (with heating mode) -25°C...+50°C
working temperature +10°C...+50°C
Warranty 1 Year
Other parameters bars - stainless steel
frame - stainless steel
on power outage turnstile operates for 6 hours