Passedge turnstile - [BAR SKR]

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Manufacturer: Cominfo
Product Code: BAR SKR
Availability: Unforeseen

BAR SKR tripod turnstile is suitable to any environments for its compact design, impressive look and reliable operation together with the latest technology. Low operation costs and easy installation make BAR SKR turnstile the most suitable device to control the movement of the pedestrian with a low passing frequency. High technical performance and good-quality constructional material enable the reliable, safe and long-life running operation.

Capacity 15–30 people per minute
two-way passage
Environment maximum relative humidity - 80%
working temperature (with heating mode) -25°C...+50°C
working temperature +10°C...+50°C
Warranty 1 Year
Other parameters bars - stainless steel
frame - stainless steel
on power outage turnstile operates for 6 hours