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Manufacturer: SMADioTech
Product Code: -
Availability: Limited

SMADIO call system is a silent and fast solution to call employees. The system is wireless and it is easy to install and maintain. Employees can save time and can better organize a job.

To know more details about the solution please read the description below.


The call system works on wireless connection. A customer can call a employee by pressing a wireless bell button, on a wirelless connection the signal is sending into a monitor. Depending on a configuration of monitor, a call can be showed in the monitor only or the monitor can send the call to a pager which the employee has.

The system can be used in different areas.

Hospitality. The system can be used in restaurants where the atmosphere is silent and calm, in bars, cafes where is noisy and fast service is necessary.

Libraries, bookstores, parking areas, shopping centers. A client can easy to call employee by one click of button if the help is necessary.

Factories, warehouses.

Nursing homes, clinics. The system gives the easy opportunity for patient to call a nurse.

How it works?

The system consist of three parts:

1. Wireless Bell. The bell has one or three buttons. Transmission range is to 200m depending on enviroment. Wireless Bell has a one 12V 23A battery, which life is to 1 year, later it can be easily replaced.

2. Monitor. It show numbers of wireless bells and transmit the wireless bell number and signal to a pager. For the configuations such as adding and deleting the call bells, it does not need any additional devices. With 6 control buttons, all configurations and functionalities can be set without help of personal computers. When the bells are pressed, the main unit displays the call number on the FND (Flexible Numeric Display) screen, and alerts by a various audiable sounds. Up to 1,000 units of wireless bells can be registered into one monitor.

3. Pager. It shows and inform employee about the call. The pager has last 15 call history and employee has ability to check last 15 calls time and numbers.