Electronic lock - Hotek [2900 Classic]

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Manufacturer: HOTEK
Product Code:
Availability: Limited

This Proximity locked, locks for hotels. Works great for both outdoor and indoor use. They ensure a stable and reliable work of the hotel staff and guests of the rest.

Identifiers Contactless cards
Types of Cards Mifare
model HOTEK
Housing Stineles steel
Warranty 3 years

RFID Mifare ® (13.56 MHz).

Easy installation, no wires,

Power source 4 AA batteries

Locks memory remains the last 800 entries settle batteries last all the time.

Made of stainless steel.

Colors: ner. steel or brass.

Fire certificates CE

Notify the lock when the battery is running low

Notify the lock when the door is not properly closed

Battery runs for 2 - 3 years

Built-in mechanical cylinder lock for emergency opening