Hand dryer- VELTEK [VELTIA V7]

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Manufacturer: VELTEK SYSTEMS
Product Code: VELTIA V7
Availability: Limited

Veltia New Generation Hand Dryer V7 is pure innovation and the design is based on a system patented, which makes it the most exclusive and newer than any other hand dryer in the market. Veltia New Generation Hand Dryer V7 works with an exclusive application of air micro currents at high speed. Only between 10 – 15 seconds are needed to have your hands completely dry without moving them.

The new V7 are smart dryers thanks to incorporating the electronic board and, through a LED signal light and audible, report when it should replace the dryer dirty filters or drain your water tank thereby facilitating maintenance. The new card also stores useful information such as the number of times that the dryers have been used.

To keep Veltia New Generation Hand Dryers V7 cleaner and fresher for longer our engineers have infused Microban® antimicrobial technology into the hand dryer during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of stains and odors caused by microbes.

Drying Time 10-15 s
Power consumption (W) 1760W
Air Speed 200 Km/h (125 Mph)
Dimensions 300 x 195 x 617 (mm)
Noise 70 dB
Number of Motors 2
Motors Speed 30.000 rpm
model Veltia V7
Voltage (V) 220/230/240V~
Current (Running) 8.0A @ 230Vac
Warranty 5 years
Other parameters Automatic start, automatic shut-off bracket on the wall